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Project Javascript [Go Back]
The purpose of this project is to demonstrate how you can build and use javascripts in web sites by studying ones that I've written. Javascript is a great tool that is not often capitalized upon, so get creative!

The Infamous "JIM Control"
Although I wrote this back in 2004, it is still amazing to see in action! With this javascript you can perform a WIDE variety of functions. Among them include creating virtual, javascript windows that are actually embedded inside of a web page, which you can control just like regular windows! Another great thing is that a visitor's "page state" is saved so when the visitor comes back, the windows rebuild themselves according to how they left them. With this javascript control, you'll also be able to read external stylesheets and manipulate XML data. This very powerful javascript shows some of the awesome power you have at your disposal when you have a good grasp of the javascript DOM. I developed this javascript so much that it has a programmer's manual with it.

What are you waiting for? Check out the demo and try out different things. This control is protected by U.S. Copyright so do not use it commercially; if you want to, contact me for permission.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

Need to experiment with a javascript function you are creating? You may want to test it on this website.

Make ajax-based requests with Javascript using GET and POST. This code shows how simple it is to do.
Demo || No Download Needed

Graph - Charting
Quickly create price / stock or other types of graphs using a small javascript file and dhtml; no need to use JQuery or other full-blown frameworks.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

A very powerful web-based calendar system that you use on your website. The calendar works in all major browsers and includes starter server pages (to setup according to your requirements) in ASP, ASP.Net, Perl and PHP. Check out the demo!
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

Scroll your webpage up or down smoothly with this rolling page scroller. It does not use an event handler and does not alter the browser's URL so you can keep things nice and clean!
Demo || No Download Needed

Easily Detect the DOCTYPE (and attributes) of a webpage using Javascript for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.
Demo || No Download Needed

Detect when content in an IFRAME is loaded as well as accessing content in the IFRAME from the parent webpage for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

Are you generating dynamic content on a web page (such as through AJAX or other methods) and would like to provide your visitors with the ability to navigate through that dynamically generated content without, for instance, making more AJAX calls? The jsNav can cache dynamically generated content and allows you to provide either back / forward buttons to go through that content, or a link trail. It is very simple to configure the jsNav for a variety of scenarios that may be desired. Try out the different scenarios to see how it works!
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

jsPrint 2.0
Selectively print sections of a web page, combine different sections or print an entire web page. It's up to you. One of the things that makes this script cool (and 2.0'ish) is that no popup windows (which are spawned with javascript) are generated, which could be blocked by popup killers. Additionally, as print status changes, it is shown on your web page.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format) || Download Source Code revised for PeopleTools made by Rip McManus (ZIP Format)

Very simple javascript which dynamically displays and updates the date and time on a web page.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

This script allows you to enter a font name in order to help determine if it is present and available to a web browser (very handy for detecting custom fonts that are not installed on everyone's systems). A secondary function will attempt to detect the presence of hundreds of fonts and generates a simple table of what was detected and what was not detected from its large list of font definitions.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

This contains a series of small scripts demonstrating how to work with various forms and form elements dynamically through javascript.
Demo || No Download Needed

This powerful detection script can detect not only web browsers such as Google Chrome, but also the visitor's computer operating system. Invaluable when you are developing very complex javascript operating across multiple browsers and systems.
Code || No Download Needed

This detection script will message the visitor when their web browser is not a minimum version; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported.
Code || No Download Needed

This detection script demonstrates how to detect popular mobile devices. This allows you to customize content such as redirecting users to a mobile equivalent of your website.
Code || No Download Needed

Set of javascript functions which validate and filter data commonly associated with form fields.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

Learn how you can use javascript XSS (cross-site scripting) through the use of digital signatures. This allows you to take advantage of a signed javascript located at one website IN a different website.
Tutorial And Examples || No Download Needed

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to generate a list of possible selections (which refines itself) as a user of your web site types into an input box? With this script, that relies upon you to supply the selection data, you can do it! This uses "fixed" data in that no repeated server requests are made for keypresses in order to conserve server load.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

This expands upon jsFixedDynamicData in that it sends queries for data to a server-side script to get data instead of relying upon a static, unchanging set of data. Uses AJAX to send and receive data.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

jsMultiDimensional Arrays
Working with multidimensional arrays is an easy process (and could make your code simpler and easier to read). Learn how with this tutorial.
Tutorial And Examples || No Download Needed

This contains a script demonstrating how to overwrite the "href" link value through javascript.
Demo || No Download Needed

Set of javascript functions to dynamically generate passwords of varying length using string data you provide.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

Delete HTML elements from your webpage by referencing an element's unique ID.
Demo || No Download Needed

Locate and highlight all instances of a string within another string. With a little modification, this handy script could replace all instances of a string contained within another string with something different.
Demo || No Download Needed

Locate and replace all instances of a string within another string. This tutorial inserts functional and trackable checkboxes and with a few modifications it could insert something different.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

Put the cursor at the end of a text string that works in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Demo || No Download Needed

Place a text remaining counter on a text field so your visitor knows how much they can type.
Demo || No Download Needed

Remove sequential, duplicated characters in a string.
Demo || No Download Needed

Ensure web form validation with javascript happens even if visitors hit the enter key from a form element or dialog box.
Demo || Download Source Code (ZIP Format)

With this script easily determine the nearest number of an array of numbers is closest to a number of interest.
Demo || No Download Needed
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