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jsIFRAMELoadDetector [Go Back]
The jsIFRAMELoadDetector is a powerful javascript that was developed to allow you to detect when content in an IFRAME is loaded as well as accessing content in the IFRAME from the parent webpage (that is, from the parent webpage access child content in the IFRAME). This script works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Once you've included the javascript in your webpage you will need to change a few global variables as indicated below. Then, when you want to query the status of the content in the IFRAME (as well as interact with it), simply call the function "targetLoadedDetect()". Modify the function "targetFrameContent()" according to what your needs are.

var targetIFRAMEQuery = "theContentFrame"; /* The IFRAME to target for load checking */
var recurseRate = 500; /* For IE-Safari, millisecond timer interval to check if content is loaded in IFRAME */

NOTE: You can download the script from the main javascript page.
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