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This project shows the building of a Raspberry Pi 2 with 8GB RAM and running Ubuntu Mate (14.04 LTS type).
This tutorial shows how to calcuate column values, use checkboxes in columns, and, have Excel take rows from one sheet that meet varying criteria and put those rows into other sheets.
It can be frustrating to discover that you cannot perform Windows Updates using Windows Update. This shows how to take care of that situation.
Recently encountered a legacy Windows 2000 server. Take a look at a blast from the past - it has come a long way since then.
Typing text along a path (such as typing text around a circle) can be useful; this tutorial shows you how with Photoshop CS5.
Using Illustrator CS5 convert graphic images to vector-ready .AI files that could be, for instance, used with laser fabrication.
Learn how to add multiple mailboxes to your Outlook client, in this case Exchange's postmaster account.
Project on cloning a hard drive in a netbook. Hard drives to fail, so why invest in lots of software and configuration time, if you don't have a good recovery strategy?
Project on the M11XR2 gaming netbook and examining applications for useability.
Project on modifying the Acer Aspire One Netbook and examining applications for useability.
Project on recognizing a browser-based virus alert false-alarm and removing it.
Project on growing redwood and pine trees from seeds including transplantation.
Project on calculating water needs for plants, trees and crops. Helps take the mystery out of "water frequently" labels.
Project on growing a potato from a potato.
Narrative of their history; Class 3 cuneiform translator; Cuneiform flashcards.
Narrative of their history; Hieroglyphic translator; Hieroglyphic flashcards.
Narrative of Irish history; Ogham translator; Ogham flashcards.
Narrative of their history; Cuneiform translator; Cuneiform flashcards.
Crafting a solid gold ring with inverted citrine, sapphire and ruby gems and some other touches.
The evolution of building a thermo-electric cooling system.
Configuring the ZyWall USG100 Firewall step by step.
Presented about the relationship between technology innovation, thinking and energy.
Step by step documentation on building an electrical system around the new ORBEOS Osram LED (CDW-031).
As an invited panel member of the AZFWS (Arizona Future World Society), gave this presentation at a recent conference.
Project on modifying a portable dvd player to run off of external AAA batteries.
Nasa Live TV stream where something is always going on including live events - ISS, launches, ecetera.


Dealing with disabling a .NET submit button after it is clicked on.
Project on creating a solution file for a Visual Studio 2008 project when it does not exist.
Project tutorial on how to setup SMTP relaying to send email messages from a website.
Project tutorial on how to fix the SGEN error you may get involving a project with web services under Visual Studio 2008.
Project containing snippets of ASP.NET code that perform useful functions.
Project on constructing a web service from scratch using ASP.Net 3.5, .Net AJAX and JScript. Forget about the complexities of WSDL, XML/SOAP, ecetera because you'll never touch it; .Net will do it all for you!
Project on constructing a simple RSS reader using ASP.Net 3.5.
Project on working with master pages under the ASP.Net 3.5 umbrella.
Project on constructing a simple bot (crawler) to retrieve a webpage.
Project on redirecting users to another website and rewriting the URL while preserving protocol and query string data.
Project on getting all Active Directory user object and group object data and performing auditing using legacy ASP with a webpage.
Project on printing a PDF document to a primary printer or fail-over printer on your network.
Tips on setting up the full source version of the screwturn wiki so that you can use the SQL capability it has.
Project on working with Team Foundation Server 2008 AND Team Architect 2008 of Team Suite 2008.
Provide a calendar date and get a lot of data back such as # weeks in month, week the date falls on, first/last day, name of the day the date falls on, future date generation based on the date and more. All easy with the ASP.NET 3.5 class; free download!


Project on using the JSON-based graph API offered by Facebook.
Project on using the JSON-based graph API offered by Facebook in order to get wall posts of a public group wall in ASP.NET.
Project on generating RSS or XML feeds of the wall of a public group in ASP.NET; updated for the timeline layout without the graph API.
Project on using the Facebook Javascript SDK in your webpage to get Facebook user profile information from Facebook and putting that into a form.

Javascript / DOM / CSS

A Collection of projects for working with the power of javascript to perform various activities.
A lot of jQuery is simple to understand. Things get more complex with client-server tasks; this tutorial shows how to send/receive xml, json with jQuery and use authentication.
Project on conditional CSS and conditional comments and how that relates to CSS.
Project on working with a Perl and javascript bot to surf a website from a website.

Php / mySQL

Project on using assorted Mongo database commands in PHP.
Use CURL to get JSON from an end point.
Use CURL to get images and have them resized.
Creating a database, table, performing an insert and selecting data from a table in mySQL from PHP.
Save and retrieve an IPv4 / IPv6 address from a mySQL database with a varbinary(16) column.
Create and call a stored procedure in mySQL as well as using a cursor and temporary table.
Working with the mySQL PDO in PHP is pretty straight-forward and helps eliminate SQL injections; tutuorial also shows working with encryption.
This tutorial shows how to upload, resize, save and display images with PHP and mySQL.
Website availability and diagnostic http/https tool with alert capability; monitor SSL certificates, expiration dates and websites.
Guide on how Drupal (open source CMS) and Ubercart interact in order to add categories, products and configure the shopping cart.
Guide on how Drupal (open source CMS) and Themekey interact in order to use multiple page templates (themes) on your website.
Project on working with PHP and a web service using XML-RPC.
Project on modifying your Wordpress blog to extend showing recent posts on PHP pages not recognized by Wordpress.
Project on setting up logon and password authentication on folders of a website with PHP.
Project on uploading a CSV, reading a CSV and sending a CSV to the web browser.

Windows Server 2003+

This tutorial shows how to secure different sections of Windows Server 2008 such as RDP, FTP, SSL, various injection methods and more.
This tutorial shows how to perform an installation of SQL Server 2008 and set it up so other servers/systems can communicate with it on the network.
This tutorial shows how to use various options of URL Rewrite under Windows Server 2008 for websites.
This tutorial shows how to install PHP, mySQL, Imagick on to Windows Server 2008 R2, 64-bit along with some useful maintenance commands.
Dealing with the Windows Server 2008 RDP time-out issue and one possible fix.
Create AD user accounts from a CSV, enable disabled AD user accounts, and, change AD user account passwords.
When a web server is showing nothing out of the ordinary that would result in websites being sporatically available, you may have a network issue. This tutorial shows how to isolate a website on the server from the network so you can find out.
Set of tutorials from installing Sharepoint 2010 with PowerPivot to development.
Project on measuring availability of computers by seeing logged on users using Powershell, communication over https and a data receiver.
Tips on creating a virtual directory on a website under Windows Server 2008 and IIS7.
Tips on working with Windows Server 2008 to remove offline file caches that are "stuck" (from a disconnected file server) so it will resolve to the new file server.
Tips on working with Windows Server 2008 in a cluster environment with DFS (distributed file system) and NLB (network load balancing).
Tips on installing Windows FTP 7.5 for IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008 in a clustered environment with shared configuration files.
Tips on importing SSL certificates to Windows Server 2008/IIS 7, repairing and exporting for backup and importing to other servers.
Project on editing the Microsoft IIS Metabase.xml file so a website can accept upload streams greater than 200kb.


A variety of linux command-line commands that may be used frequently.
Example bash script that monitors and gathers performance data on running processes like mysqld.
Example of cron job scripting in bash (Bourne) under Linux flavors Debian and Ubuntu.
Example of steps taken to secure a website using htaccess.
Example of creating an image with PHP under Ubuntu 12.x. It may be simpler than what you think.
Setting up a LAMP server inside of VMWare Workstation 9x. Why waste time setting up physical?
After building the base LAMP VM, time to clone it and work from the clones for further customization.
With the LAMP server cloned, this tutorial covers installing Zend Server and working with Zend Studio.
Setup a master repository for Git under Windows with existing source code.
Project on setting up mySQL Jet Profiler query analyzer to a mySQL database in Amazon RDS.
Setting up mySQL with SSH to RDS and connecting EC2 to RDS.
Making backups of mySQL data in RDS, or copying that data to S3 is really simple.
In part two we take the mySQL data in RDS that was exported to CSV on S3 and import it into DynamoDB using the AWS EMR with Hive.
Create an AMI Image and new EC2 Instance from the snapshot of an existing EC2 Instance.
Install the mongoDB driver for PHP on Ubuntu 12x of an EC2 Instance.
Tutorial on how to get your lambda node.js code to synchronously communicate with DynamoDB and batch delete.
Tutorial on how to send email messages with SES from Lambda Node.js.
Tutorial on how to connect a Lambda function to the API Gateway complete with json schemas and mapping templates.
Tutorial on how to connect to a merchant account to collect a payment from within Amazon AWS Lambda.
Tutorial on how to connect to a an RDS AuroraDB (in a VPC) instance from a Lambda function without exposing it to the entire Internet.
Tutorial on how to grab an image from an http/s location, save it to S3, resize it and save it to a different S3 location.
Tutorial on how to check the web server (OpenSSL, Php, Curl) to see if backend processes can use TLS 1.2 as PCI compliance dictates.


Great site to keep up on honeypot alerts (vulnerabilities and so forth).
Detailed paper on web applications, vulnerabilities and methods to mitigate the attack surface.
In depth discussion of the "Project Tactical", an integral component of technology management.
Project on using Adobe Photoshop through a webpage to create images on a web site.
Project on using Adobe Photoshop CS2 or later to read X, Y coordinates from an external file in order to plot those objects on a map.
Project on selectively playing movie clips in a scene and detecting when a movie clip has finished.
Project on applying alpha (transparency) to a dynamically created text field located inside of a dynamically created movie clip.
Project on building a 3.5KWh off-grid solar power station for the DIY'er and saving money along the way.
Project on building a solar powered entertainment center. Instead of plugging into the wall to power the TV, Blueray, 360, laptop and other devices, they get plugged into the solar powered entertainment center.
This solar battery charger will charge everything from 1.2V to 12V such as AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V.
Energy calculators for solar panels and battery banks.
Nested nanotube multi-process integration to capture unabsorbed energy within the solar cell footprint.
Project on building a solar panel from individual components.
Project on building a solar battery bank monitor to increase the life of the battery bank.
Project on modifying a portable, flexible solar panel battery charger to see how much batteries are charged.
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