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About Joe
Joe at a wedding crashing party
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
I've been involved in quite a few things that I consider to be fascinating and, in some cases, "out there". Perhaps the one thing that I love and hate the most is not knowing something...a mystery, if you will.

This site was put together to make available those things that I discover, complete with learning tools where possible. So, please explore...maybe I've dug deep enough into a subject and pulled out at least one thing that will make your time here worthwhile.

Since I'm supposed to be talking about myself here, so that you can get a better sense of who I am, I'll stop with the site hype and get started.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to send an email.

My Philosophy: Nothing is impossible; just keep it simple.

Speaking of nothing being impossible, feel free to download this motivational poster.
Joe at Master's graduation

Currently I've earned the Master of Science in Technology (Summa cum Laude), two degrees in software engineering and have run the gamut of IT/IS certifications such as the MCSA, MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA, CIW and even solution provider for IP transaction services such as Authorize.Net and PayPal. I've also been issued the AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

While in the realm of academia I should note that I've taught graduate and undergraduate classes primarily around technology and assorted languages. As well, I've written many articles for technology publications.

Architecting and Developing:
I've been heavily involved with architecting and developing complete web-driven software platforms (API Gateway, ASP, ASP.Net, AuroraDB, DynamoDB, Javascript, Lambda, mySQL, Node.js, Perl, Php, SQL), managed actual hardware platforms (IIS, Microsoft Server 2003 - 2008, Outlook, DNS) and the much easier to manage virtual ones (EC2 with traditional LAMP and close to MEAN stack on Linux). Some of the developed systems include content management, ecommerce solutions and even business office applications never seen by the public. I've given some focus to Ethereum blockchain distributed applications as well - seems that more than just $ is going virtual nowadays.

Physical Stuff:
I like working out at gyms and hiking frequently, that is, as time permits. I also enjoy reading and watching movies, movies, movies, movies, movies, movies, movies, movies, movies and movies.

Book Contribution & Other Excitement:
A One Way Mission to Mars
I'm happy to have been among a small handful picked from over 1,000 submissions that were included in the book "A One Way Mission to Mars: Colonizing the Red Planet", authored by Edgar D.Mitchell, Harrison H. Schmitt, Markus Hotakainen, Penelope J. Boston, Bruce Mackenzie, Johannes J. Leitner, Pabulo H. Rampelotto, Rhawn Joseph, many others along with editing by Paul Davies, and Dirk Schulze-Makuch. ISBN: 0982955243. You can find my commentary on page 342.
Mars Crater: McCormack Statio
Whilst not a book, when you are looking at Mars (or roving on it) drop by the McCormack Statio crater at latitude 28.00 N, longitude 116.72 E. The crater I named at Uwingu, while only about 9 miles across, resembles a keyhole.
Mars One Parachute: Pointing the way to the McCormack Statio crater
This could be a really short book. Have a quote on the parachute of the Mars One rover pointing the way to the McCormack Statio crater on Mars.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas:
Book Of Ideas
I constantly get ideas for different subjects from the RVVIT chip (video imaging chip), radar pictography, helicopter heat grid radiation, to cryptography and much more than what I will cover here. The thick book (picture to the left) is just what ideas I came up with in Junior High School; I estimate that particular book has about 800 pages to it and I will cover just a few of the things that are included in it below.

Radar System - built this in Junior High School; I thought it was cool when a few Naval officers asked me questions about it at the State Fair.
  1. Local Science Fair
  2. Regional Science Fair
  3. Naval National Science Fair
Miscellaneous - done in Junior High School
  1. Optimizations
5 Directional Radar Guidance System - done in Junior High School
  1. Senator Correspondence for this one
  2. Air Force Correspondence #1 for this one
White House - graduating from High School
  1. Vice President
I can't help but wonder if, with all of the things that I had submitted to various places, knew they were dealing with someone in Junior High? Looking back now, it's kind of funny to think of it. :)

Note: Some information has been blocked out in the pictures for obvious reasons.

In The Beginning:
Joe and Softball
This was me in little league. That bat sure weighed a lot then.

And, to the right, is a faint red birthmark that extends out past the outside edge of the eye. As you can see, it resembles a triangle or spearhead shape pointed away from the eye. If you are having a hard time seeing it, a way to visualize it is to picture a face that has had a line drawn out past the outer edge of the eye downward towards the cheek.
Joe and Birthmark Line Extending Past Outside Edge of Hazel Colored Eye

The Advantaged, an Observation of Our Time

Some time ago I had a conversation about the division among people and how those driving the division were accumulating power by capitalizing on the intellectual weakness among the masses. While that outcome cannot necessarily be argued, what was worth considering is the lack of thought on behalf of the perpetuators and who are the true enablers of that behavior. Ergo, the following came to mind...

Divide and conquer; a timeless strategy, discovered long ago, still wielded by those whom are lite of intellectual development. You see, I would expect, from an advantaged class, to see original thought instead of suckling off the intellectual discovery of a past age. As for the "sheep" (those commonly referred to as not intellectual enough to think for themselves) they have - at a very early age - largely been trained and arguably disadvantaged by the societal fabric spun by the advantaged to, well, satisfy their more primordial crutches that in a past age contributed to survival of the individual (e.g., herd mentality, go along to get along and so forth). You could posit that, devoid a catastrophe and benevolent stimulus, rousing the "sheep" to a mental state of unbiased awareness and will to see beyond their current mental confines, is impossible. To wit, the advantaged, themselves, are caught up in the same complex web of conditioning at "their level" (thus the lack of any real, substantive, intellectual evolution). As the ones whom influence societal evolution primarily due to the sheer volume of resources at their disposal (versus say, in the past, influencing vis--vis sword or psychology) I put forth, it is they whom are more at "fault" than would be the "sheep". As long as the human condition persists as it does, the collective will, inevitably, cannibalize itself to its extinction.

So what, then, may be done to splinter the destructive destiny humanity is pursuing with extreme fervor? What pulled us out of the dark ages? The enlightenment; evolution of free thought, science and, blindingly obvious, the empowerment of the individual. Following that we had a big shot of individual and societal evolution through the dawn of a fledgling country in the 1700's, nestled between two mighty oceans that catapulted the planet into a technological oasis rivaling the impact of the enlightenment in its time. What did these monumental events have in common? Quite simply the advantaged were willing to risk their resources and the awakened "sheep", undoubtedly made so from the effort of the advantaged whom themselves were awakened, were willing to risk life and limb.

And today, again we stand on the precipece of regressing back into a dark age. This cycle, I believe to be much darker than those that have come of which we may not be capable of freeing ourselves from given the consolidation of power and the state of technology fueling it. As it has always been, the advantaged are inherent to any liberation. Should they fail to awaken once more, only an altruistic, ascendent hand will be capable of yanking us from the smothering grip of our cretinous imprisonment.

Interestingly, and this may be too forward looking and assuming the advantaged did nothing, it is quite probable (aside from the societal effects of supressed expression at an individual level) to observe a degeneration of the genome itself (it is already documented that external stimuli do play a significant role in the "evolution" of the genome) broadly across the population. That external stimuli, both physical and psychological, may significantly impair what we would otherwise consider to be beneficial genome evolution in the long term. In this regard both the advantaged and the "sheep" would become permanently impaired. In such a forward looking scenario, would that be a desired outcome? I posit that devolutionary or negative genome impact would not be desired, even among the most prepotent, considering our station in the macrocosm of life. Rather, in anticipation of such a scenario, it would be prudent to isolate a sizeable group that would not be subject to the trappings of devolution. Undoubtedly that is possible given the state of technology today, if anyone is actually advantaged to fulfill something of that scope remains to be seen. But if the advantaged are good gamblers maybe such a scenario will never happen.

Desire to achieve balance is rarely tuned to the domain it is realized within, thereby recasting it into atypical substance.

About Joe