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The Old Way
  • Do you hate the legacy method of printing content on a web page (such as window.print())?
  • Wouldn't you prefer NOT to use a popup window to have content print from...that may be stopped by a popup blocker?
  • Wouldn't it be great to format the printable page dynamically?
  • Wouldn't it be great to target certain areas of a web page to print by itself?
The New Way - jsPrint 2.0
  • Target an area, multiple areas of a page, or the whole page, to print
  • Format what the printed page will look like
  • Forget about the anoying and legacy popup window to print
  • Display print status changes right in your page so visitors know what is happening
jsPrint 2.0 - Revisions by Rip McManus
  • Updated to work with PeopleTools pages (served up by a package ERP), recreating the IFRAME for Internet Explorer on each print request and embedded stylesheet referencing
  • Download Here

NOTE: You can download the script from the main javascript page.
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