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jsTextCountRemaining [Go Back]
It can be very helpful to an individual completing a text block if they know how many characters are left. The demo below shows how you can do this:

Remaining: 20

Source Code:
<script language="javascript">
function txtBoxCharacters(target, txtMax, report) {
var txtSize = document.getElementById(target).value.length;
if (txtSize > txtMax) {
var txtData = document.getElementById(target).value;
txtData = txtData.substr(0, txtMax);
document.getElementById(target).value = txtData;
var reserve = txtMax - document.getElementById(target).value.length;
if (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("msie") > -1) { document.getElementById(report).innerText = reserve; }
else { document.getElementById(report).textContent = reserve; }

HTML Code:
<textarea name="test" id="test" cols="50" rows="3" wrap="on" onkeyup="txtBoxCharacters('test', 20, 'remain');"></textarea>
<br />Remaining: <span id="remain">20</span>
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