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Project Server 2008 VD
The purpose of this documentation is to provide tips on how to create a virtual directory under Windows Server 2008 and IIS7.

The first method used here allows other web developers who may not have administrative access to the web server the ability to see what virtual directories exist on a given website by simply opening the folder of the site (this is a departure from previous versions of Windows Server and IIS). While I show how to create a virtual directory through the administrative IIS7 panel, they can be created in the same manner at the website (so developers without administrative access to the server can create virtual directories themselves as needed).

How is that done? First the web developer creates the physical folder and then second creates a simple web.config file in that new folder with the redirection code.

The second method also requires administrative access to the web server and getting into the C:\Windows folder. This may not be something you would want web developers to be able to do. Altering the "applicationHost.config" can effect ALL websites on the web server so caution should be practiced.

Method #1
Virtual directory created using IIS7 (requires administrative access to the web server).

  1. Create a physical folder under the website (in this case 'folder').

  1. In the IIS7 manager, right click on the site and select "Add Virtual Directory".

  1. Complete the prompt as needed.

  1. Under the IIS section, open "HTTP Redirect".

  1. Enter the redirection path (in this case a different location under the same site).

Method #2
Virtual directory created by modifying the "applicationHost.config" file (requires administrative access to the web server). While this does impede productivity and does not allow web developers to easily see what virtual directories already exist, it does allow you to create a huge list of virtual directories without having a huge list of folders at the physical website.

  1. After logging into the web server, open File Explorer and go to: C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config.
  2. Open "applicationHost.config" with Notepad.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the "applicationHost.config" file.
  2. Above the closing "</configuration>" tag, insert the redirect code.
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