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Project Git
The purpose of this project is to show, on Windows, how to use Git ( and Git Extensions ( to setup a master repository of an existing source code folder you may have. Since I had not seen the method to create a master repository with Git (without having to use some obscure command-prompt commands), this may be of interest to others to know.

The following assumes that Git and Git Extensions have been installed.

  1. The first step is to create a repository (will be the master repository) by browsing to the location where it will reside.

  1. In this case, a new folder will be created for the master repository.

  1. Copy the folder containing the source code that you have that should go into the master repository.

  1. Paste the folder into the master repository folder (in this case "skippy").

  1. Right-click on the source code folder and select "Git commit".

  1. Be sure to enter a comment of some type and click "commit". If you have a lot of files it will take a while to complete. If you installed Git with defaults you will be prompted about the translation of carriage returns to be Linux-like (in Windows if you open a linux file with Notepad you'll notice everything is on one line (the fix for that being to open the file in MS-Word) because of subtle differences between the OS's).

  1. Now, from the main Git page, you should be able to open the new master repository.

  1. This image shows how to open the master repository.

  1. If you have more than one folder in the master repository, you will be able to choose them.

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