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The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate a bash script that monitors a process running on a linux-flavor OS over time. This may prove helpful when gathering performance data; in this particular case, watching the mySQL database mysqld process to assist in identifying times of high-load and seeing the thread/connection count. The script uses top to gather the data and you can specify to dump results to the screen and/or into a log file intuitively located at /var/log.



#title                :Process Sniffer
#description     :The purpose of this script is to periodically grab aspecific process by name (if unique)
#                  or PID (if not unique).  Useful for observing how the process is using resources over time.
#author            :Joe
#date               :20130221
#version           :1.0
#usage            :Executed via command-line like ./
#notes             :Utilizes top, filters the output to what is specified and appends the current date and time
#bash_version   :4.0.33(0)-release (you get this by running echo $BASH_VERSION from the prompt)
#bash_full         :GNU bash, version 4.0.33(0)-release (amd64-portbld-freebsd8.0) (you get this by running bash --version from the prompt)

# Define a few global variables
showInteractive=1               # Useful if you are running this yourself. 0 = show no messages to screen, 1 = show messages to screen.
logProgress=1                   # 0 = do not create/use log in /var/log, 1 = create/use log
wStill=5                        # Number of seconds to wait before repeating
wRecur=1440                        # Number of times to repeat (1440).  In this case, with a 5 second wait, will run for 2 hours.
wtHead="USERNAME"               # Pull the TOP process header.  Since this varies by linux flavor and you may have a process running
                                # with the same text, you'll need to pick out something unique so that the TOP process header line is extracted.
wGrp="mysqld"                   # What process to pull out of top.  Since this is in a GREP, only return lines with mysqld.
logFile="/var/log/psniff.log"   # Location of the log file, if you want the output recorded to a log.

# Do not change

if [ $showInteractive == 1 ] || [ $logProgress == 1 ]; then
        # Pull out the top process header line
        wtTxt=`top | grep -E $wtHead`
        set -- $wtTxt
        # Start Recursion
        while [ $wFinish == 0 ]
                # Grab top output and append with the current date and time
                cDate=`date +%m-%d-%Y_%H:%M:%S`
                wtTxtLp=`top | grep -E $wGrp`
                set -- $wtTxtLp
                wCollection=$wtTxtLp" "$cDate
                # Show to screen if set
                if [ $showInteractive == 1 ]; then
                        # Show top header line
                        if [ $wRecurCnt == 0 ]; then
                                echo $wtTxt
                        # Show the process line
                        echo $wCollection
                # Save output to file in /var/log if set
                if [ $logProgress == 1 ]; then
                        if [ -f $logFile ]; then
                                # Append data to file
                                # Save header line
                                if [ $wRecurCnt == 0 ]; then
                                        echo $wtTxt >> $logFile
                                # Save content
                                echo $wCollection >> $logFile
                                # Create new file
                                touch $logFile
                                # Assign root as owner
                                chown root $logFile
                                # Assign 0644 permissions to the file
                                chmod u+rw,g+r,o+r $logFile
                                # Dump content into file
                                echo $wtTxt > $logFile
                                echo $wCollection >> $logFile
                # Increment loop count and evaluate exit
                wRecurCnt=$(( $wRecurCnt + 1 ))
                if [ $wRecurCnt == $wRecur ]; then
                        wFinish=$(( 1 ))
                sleep $wStill
        if [ $showInteractive == 1 ]; then
                echo "Execution has completed; returning to command-line."
        if [ $showInteractive == 1 ]; then
                echo "In order to run this script either showInteractive or LogProgress need to be set to 1."

# Exit
exit $exCode

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