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Project "M11XR2"
The purpose of this project is to take a look at the M11XR2 gaming netbook by Alienware/Dell. As a gaming platform with a serious video card and an i7 intel processor the M11XR2 indeed can play a huge variety of games. Along with those capabilities it can run work related applications with ease (such as Visual Studio 2010, Photoshop, Sharepoint Tools and so forth).

Alienware Version: M11XR2
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
CPU: Intel i7 processor (quad core)
Hard Drive: 500 GB
P/N: 8G49N
Material Number: HA0BB000120
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 335M, 1GB Ram

One thing that was challenging, however, was locating a replacement hard drive and a DC car adapter (90 Watt). Neither Alienware or Dell had any useful information (I think they would as follow-up sales) on their websites. However, after investing a lot of time and research into precisely what was available, there were some solutions:

  1. Seagate 500 GB Hard Drive, Momentus 7200.4.
  2. SN: 5V J82XH1.
  3. ST9500420ASG.
  4. PN: 9PSG44-300.
  5. FW: 0002SDM1.

  1. Dell, 12 VDC Car Adapter, Max Power 90 Watts (90 Watts is preferred when you're running an intense game application).
  2. Model: CD90V190-00.
  3. SN: CN-0H536T-73245-A7K-03MB-A00.

The M11XR2 does not have an integrated CD/DVD drive, but there is an external USB drive that will work which is: LiteOn 8x External Slim DVD Writer Portable, USB 2.0 powered (eSAU208-31). The only issue that I found with the device is that the netbook would not recognize it if it was plugged into a USB hub. In order to have the drive recognized, it has to be plugged directly into one of the two USB 2.0 ports on the netbook.

Games That Work on the M11XR2
It was difficult to get some good camera shots of the games, but I've included the shots below (to demonstrate game operation). There's probably a reason why I'm not a photographer.
  1. Skyrim. Click image to enlarge; it's an example of some of the pets/followers you can have with you at the same time.
  2. The "Braveheart" style lady, in Riften, will follow you after you complete a mission for her.
  3. The Dawnguard addition (screenshot) to Skyrim also works flawlessly.
  4. The Hearthfire addition (screenshot) to Skyrim works as well; shot shows the location of the Dawnstar land/house.
  1. Arcania Gothic 4.
  1. Black and White.
  1. Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
  1. Darksiders.
  1. Divinity II, The Dragon Knight Saga.
  1. Earth 2160.
  1. Divinity II, Eco Draconis.
  1. Battle for Endor.
  1. Fable.
  1. AI War: Fleet Command.
  1. Ghost Recon.
  1. Heros of Might and Magic V.
  1. Mass Effect 2.
  1. Moscow to Berlin Red Seige.
  1. Moonbase Alpha.
  1. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
  1. F.E.A.R.2: Project Origin.
  1. X3: Reunion.
  1. Risen.
  1. Sins of a Solar Empire.
  1. Splinter Cell.
  1. X3: Terran Conflict.
  1. Battle for Yavin.

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